Who are we?

We're creators from different fields. Graphic Design, 3D Artists, Painters, etc.

We're a bunch of people from around the world that love creating, no matter what "art" means for each one of us, WE CREATE.

We all love what we do and have years of experience, on short, we know what we do and we're proud of it! 

What's our goal?

We built our brand around making graphics for content creators and streamers, we worked with a lot of amazing Twitch Streamers, YouTube creators, and Esports brands.

Our goal is and will always be to make sure your stream overlays, animations, layouts, and the whole look of your stream will be f*cking amazing and that you're never getting another "F" in the chat! 


My name is Angel, and I am the founder of CashDesign.
I'm a graphic designer from Romania and I started my creative journey back in 2011. I've been creating art, working with people and solving my client's problems for over a decade.

I stumbled upon graphic design by mistake on a gaming forum and fell in love with it, and from that moment I made it my goal that one day I will be doing this full time. So I started learning, experimenting and testing out everything that I could to learn about it.

After years and years I finally accomplished it, I managed to work as a freelance graphic designer full time, but I wanted to grow even more, one of my other dreams was to put together a team and take the "CashDesign" brand to the next level, so that's what I did, as of right now we are just a few but I can see us moving forward and growing together.

It's a blessing to have such amazing clients and every time we hear that we improved their brand look, their streams, it's just humbling. One of my next goals is to make sure we meet with as many clients face-to-face and hear their stories.



Meet the amazing designers behind each of the designs.
Graphic Designer.
Dr4g Design
Graphic Designer.
Bob Cristian
Bob Cristian
3D&Motion Designer.